Gallery location uncertain

The gallery location after 10 years, as well as KioskShop berlin (KSb) after 21 years, are endangered! It seems that the Berggruen Holding is not interested to negotiate a new lease.

Ursula Sax: Geometric Ballet – Fragments at St. Elisabeth church

Performances on Saturday, July 31st, at 6pm and 8pm
in the Schinkelkirche St. Elisabeth.
The gallery remains open July 31 until 8 p.m., so you can go after the 1st or can visit the exhibition before the 2nd performance. The gallery is only an 8-minute walk from the church.

Crowdfunding successful!

On Sunday, July 11th, the crowdfunding campaign at KickStarter for the financing of the large glass cube of the installation sculpture Library by Li Silberberg came to a successful end. We thank everyone involved. In the next few weeks you will find out details about the realization of the installation sculpture here. Stay tuned.

Geometric Ballet & Hellerau

On the coming weekend (July 16-18, 2021) the “Geometric Ballet (Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer)” will be performed at 8 pm in the Hellerau Festival Hall. Choreography: Katja Erfurth, overall direction and production: tristan Production | Management | Event in coproduction with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts, initiated by Semjon HN Semjon, Semjon Contemporary. Tickets can be booked here.