Termination of Lease of the Gallery Space

After 21 years and 10 years respectively, Berggruen Holdings has terminated the lease for the gallery space by the end of the year. Apart from the fact that this short notice termination poses almost unsolvable problems for the gallery, it is very surprising that it is accepted with approval that KioskShop berlin (KSb) – Semjon H. N. Semjon’s total work of art hidden behind the walls of the street salon since 2010 will be inevitably destroyed when moving out. Semjon developed the KioskShop with its waxy product sculptures from 2000 to 2010 and it has been an internationally valued part of the Berlin art scene. The protective walls will soon be dismantled so that it can be resurrected once again for a short time. It goes without saying that the great art collector and philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen, who owns the house, allows this to happen.

Semjon Contemporary’s 10th anniversary

Semjon Contemporary’s 10th anniversary is a fitting occasion for it to publish a special edition featuring the works of all gallery and guest artists. It is an opportunity to bring together in a single small space all the artists with whom the gallery and I, as its owner, have worked closely. A framed version will be shown of the very small edition of 10 (+3) with 30 motifs. The editions are sold in an edition box.

Cast Whale Project by Gil Shachar

Gil Shachar is part of GreifsWALder Resonanzen with his Cast Whale Project, organized, curated and conducted by the Montag Foundation (August 2-29 2021). His whale sculture can be seen in the St. Jacobi Cathedral in Greifswald.

Sunday, August 29th, 11:30 am: Finissage/ project completion and musical intervention The Song of Wisdom and the Whale by Adrian Rovatka.

Bibliothek | Library by Li Silberberg

Li Silberberg’s installation sculpture Library has now been set up in The Brain (by Sir Norman Foster) of the Philosophical Library of the Freie Universität Berlin. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, there will be no visitor traffic in the library for the time being. We will inform you here as soon as possible. Probably in October / November 2021.