gold fever

with works by
Dittmar Danner aka Krüger, Renate Hampke, Ute Essig, Nataly Hocke, Henrik U. Müller, Dirk Rathke, Ursula Sax, Karina Spechter and Bettina Weiß
Special guest: Uli Aigner, ONE MILLION

Left images: Uli Aigner, ONE MILLION (Detail)
right: Karina Spechter, Glück/Happyness
Photos: Semjon (left), Antonio von Strachwitz

View into the exhibition with works by Uli Aigner (ONE MILLION) front right, Sonne/Mond by Ursula Sax, und right side Glück/Happyness by Karina Spechter; photo: Artland

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Left: It's not dark yet-M-61-2021 by Dittmar Danner aka Krüger; ONE MILLION by Uli Aigner und right side: 1 sqm Berlin by Ute Essig; photo: Jürgen Baumann

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View from Schualger towards Garten-Salon; left side: Tare #6 by Bettina Weiß; at Garten-Salon: E lucevan le stelle by Dittmar Danner aka Krüger
Photo: Jürgen Baumann

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Kleines Kabinett with two paintings by Harald Kohlmetz; left side: Kopf 01-2021 und right side: Kopf 1 from 1996 (private loan); photo: Jürgen Baumann

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Straßen-Salon, right side, from the back to the front with works by Dirk Rathke, Henrik U. Müller, Bettina Weiß and Nataly Hocke; photo: Jürgen Baumann

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Straßen-Salon, left side, from the front to the back with works by Renate Hampke, Ute Essig, Bettina Weiß, Dirk Rathke, Henrik U. Müller and Ursula Sax; photo: Jürgen Baumann

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