The termination of the rented rooms after 21 years by Nicolas Berggruen Holdings on December 31, 2021 hits the gallery hard, especially since the modernization of the house imposed in 2019 (together with a forced break of about 4 1/2 months) and the Corona virus, which has now lasted for two years. Thus the situation is already economically weakened. It is completely incomprehensible that art collector Nicolas Berggruen, who presents himself publicly as art patron, ultimately put an end to the gallery. It is even more problematic that the »KioskShop Berlin (KSb)« has to be destroyed by being thrown out. After 11 years of slumber, his creator Semjon H. N. Semyon uncovered again to show what's at stake. Nicolas Berggruen could become an art vandal.

The current state of affairs: Nicolas Berggruen Holdings has filed an eviction action with the Berlin Regional Court.
Semjon H. N. Semjon fights for the location of his gallery and against the destruction of the site-specific work of art. He is legally represented by the law firm RAUE.

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