Semjon Contemporary
Gallery for Contemporary Art

Schröderstr. 1
10115 Berlin-Mitte

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Opening hours
Tuesday – Saturday
13.00 – 19.00 Uhr

The gallery Semjon Contemporary s|c, founded by Semjon H. N. Semjon in 2011 in Berlin, represents German and international artists from different genres, as i.e. painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, photography, video and performance. The gallery’s contemporary program is presented in solo shows. They are supplemented by other Salon cabinets exhibitions for simultaneous display of works by various artists, the gallery’s resident artists as well as guest artists. Thus artworks by all gallery artists are always to discover.

Besides the main focus of representing the gallery’s artists, Semjon Contemporary is also engaged in projects as i.e. the exhibition »collAGE« (2020) and the drawing exhibition series from 2014 »Lieber Künstler, zeichne mir!/Dear artist, draw for me!«, which addressed the issue of abstraction and figuration with artworks by more than 120 artists (including the majority of the gallery artists), accompanied by two substantial catalogs. In 2017 the exhibition »Penetrating Paper« followed with almost 30 artists..

Another important project realized by Semjon Contemporary were substantial retrospective exhibitions in 2015 and 2021 in all gallery rooms presenting works by Ursula Sax. Also the 2017 retrospective exhibition Fotografie! by Gerda Schütte and in 2018 the exhibition It’s not dark yet by Dittmar Danner aka Krüger. Both retrospective exhibitions (Sax & Schütte) were supplemented by each a differentiated catalog and book, as well as with Gerda Schütte by a comprehensive photo book (the latter published by Kehrer Verlag).

The ressurection of 2019 »Geometrisches Ballett (Hommage á Oskar Schlemmer) « von Ursula Sax, das 2019 im Radialsystem Berlin, Festpielhaus Hellerau und zahlreichen Städten ein großes Publikum begeisterte. Ein gelungener Auftakt für die internationale Rezeption des performativen und partizipatorischen Werkes von Ursula Sax. Weitere internationale Stationen sind avisiert. Auch das 2015er Projekt »Land Art Schlosspark Wagenitz« von Takayuki Daikoku gehört dazu.
Darüberhinaus sind Projekte wie »The Cast Whale Project at St. Elisabeth« by Gil Shachar in 2021 in Berlin-Mitte, and the installation sculptureBibliothek/Library« von Li Silberberg, ebenfalls 2021 in der Philologischen Bibliothek der FU Berlin gemeinsam mit den Künstlern realisiert und ermöglicht worden. Der Wal strandet weiterhin an anderen Orten und »Bibliothek/Library« ist nach wie vor zu sehen.

To promote and expand the reception of its gallery artists, since 2011 the gallery has participated in local and international art fairs such as Positions Berlin, Paper Positions, Fotofever Paris, Art Bodensee , Solo Project (Basel), Art Rotterdam, Volta NY 2017, as well as Preview Berlin at the beginning of the gallery's activity.

The gallery owner sees excursions into other genres as an additional challenge, such as the recent exhibition "Raku" 2016/2017 by Cornelia Nagel, a master of raku ceramics, or the erotically charged exhibition »Innocence« by Andreas Fox in summer 2022.

Semjon H. N. Semjon, born in 1962, has studied Art History and Classical Archeology as well as Fine Arts with Georg Baselitz. Since 2011 his artistic practice experienced a sabbatical since the gallery's founding until spring 2022.


Support for the new homepage
The new homepage has been funded in large part by the federal Corona assistance program NEUSTART KULTUR for galleries. Thanks are due to the federal government for its generous support and to the Bundesstiftung Kunstfonds for the organizational implementation of the aid program.



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