Berlin Art Week 2020

With special opening hours we are part of this year Berlin Art Week. Due to the openings of the Berlin artfairs Positions, paper positions, photo basel/berlin and fashion positions at Tempelhofer Flughafen the gallery stays closed on Thursday September 10. Additionally to our regular opening hours we are also open on Sunday September 12 from 1–5 pm.

Corona Crisis and Semjon Contemporary

Since April  28, 2020 the gallery is open again!

Please follow the Berlin Covid 19 regulations: Wear a mask and have mininmum distance of 1 1/2 m to the next visitor.

The worldwide Corona crisis also contributes to the everyday life of Semjon
Contemporary. The gallery stays closed for the time being.However we have for our neighbourhood and those who need a healthy walk to flee their own four walls installed in Berlin-Mitte the longtime ago announced exhibition in our gallery rooms towards the street. Thus you may glance it from the street through the showcases. Furthermore the show will be communicated digitally on instagramfacebookArtsyArtland, and ARTatBerlin.

Geschnitten und Gerieben / Cut and Grated
– with works by Renate Hampke, Susanne Pomrehn, Ursula Sax, Li
Silberberg and Stefan Thiel.
The artist Li Silberberg is showing at Strassen Salon her impressive Bibliothek/Library, which she assembled in 22 years in over 40.000 working hours. Video. Meanwhile the volume has gained 181 books and 40 books for sketches and diary entries. The works of the other artists are displayed at the main gallery space.

The crisis as a chance
We plan to use this crisis to further intensify our digital communication of
the current shows and projects, but als of the former shows and generally the works of the artists we are representing. Not for nothing we are collaborating with Artland since almost 2 years to have all exhibitions accompanied by avirtual 3d tour. 3d tours by Artland

Virtual exhibitions at Artland
We have started the first virtual exhibition A Frame is a Frame is a Frame… by Dittmar Danner aka Krüger. Others will follow.Public prices
The recent developments on the internet art market (not only due the Corona crisis) favor a price transpareny.  Step by step we also will implement the transpareny with published price portfolios. On Artsy as well as Artland you also find artworks for sale.

Forbidden Colours
Furthermore we introduce you to the stunning exhibition Forbidden
 at Werkstättengalerie at Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, in
which abstract paintings by our gallery artists Dittmar Danner aka Krüger and Dirk Rathke are undergoing an intensive and beautiful dialogue.
Price portfolioSlideshow/video

Geometrisches Ballett by Ursula Sax
Here you find the essentials about the gesamtkunstwerk Geometrisches
Ballett (Hommage à Oskar Schlemmer
 by Ursula Sax, which has been
resurrected after an almost 30 years pause. In 2019 at the reknown Radialsystem Berlin we could realize the premiere of the newly choreographed piece by Katja Erfurth, which since then had plenty of performances at other locations. The next performances will take place in autumn/winter 2020.

Meet the artists + Finissage

Saturday January 18, 6 – 8 pm
The Austrian Artist collective Experimental Setup –  Kata Hinterlechner and Bosko Gastager – will talk about their temporary gesamtkunstwerk, the 5. Totale Installation. Like in a cabinet of curiosities all different kind of media are exhibited, reflecting the broad artistic creativity of this artist collective.

Meet the artists + Finissage

Samstag, 18.1., um 18 – 20 Uhr
Das österreichische Künstlerkollektiv Experimental Setup –  das sind Kata Hinterlechner und Bosko Gastager – werden über ihr temporäres Gesamtkunstwerk, die 5. Totale Installation, sprechen.
Wie in einer Wunderkammer sind viele unterschiedliche Werke ausgebreitet, die das breite Schaffensspektrum dieses Künstlerkollektivs widerspiegeln.