On the homepage of KioskShop berlin (KSb) you can enter your name and city name on the petitons list if you are against the cancellation of the gallery space by Berggruen Holdings. But you are also welcome to write a comment, as almost 40 friends of the gallery have now formulated, mainly from Berlin, but also from all over the world. The more signatures and comments are published here, the greater the pressure on Mr. Nicolas Berggruen himself and on Berggruen Holdings, which is known for uncompromisingly pursued its investment and speculation policy here in Berlin. The numerous cleared empty studio buildings, Bar Babette and Café Moscow are eloquent testimony to how the holding’s own interests are expressed beyond social and cultural sense of responsibility. The self-description on their own homepage seems grotesque when measured against reality: “Our goal is to build a diverse real estate portfolio, with buildings full of character, as a long-term investment. Real estate is more than just an investment for us. We are also interested in architecture, aesthetics and art like the ‘cash flow’. “



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