Gil Shachar – The Cast Whale Project has started

The art project is becoming reality!
A dead humpback whale stranded on the shore of South Africa and is suitable for the artist’s project. Gil Shachar received the permittence by the South Africain ministry of environment for a limited time to cast a mold from a stranded whale. It is meanwhile the fourth whale, which unfortunately stranded death in South Africa. As soon as this whale stranded the stand by team in this area, which got instructed by the artist and is experienced with large scale projects, started to build the mold. Gil Shachar is on the site since a couple of days.
Further informations will be published soon on this homepage whith its own site: artist / gil shachar / The Cast Whale Project. Informations on this project can be found already at Kickstarter or actual photos by Gil Shachar at fb / Gil Shachar or fb/ Semjon Contemporary.



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