End result – The Cast Whale Project

When we were closing the door of the Schinkel church St. Elisabeth on Friday May 14 at 8 pm we have counted 9,975 visitors. It’s an amazing result we even didn’t imagine! Gil Shachar and me we are very impressed and grateful for this. We thank Kultur Büro Elisabeth for the excellent collaboration!
There are still lithographies and Fine Art Prints as well as unique charcoal drawings from The Cast Whale Project @ St. Elisabeth available. Please check in the portfolio and contact us for your inquiries.
The Fine Art Print with the groundfloor of the church seems to have a precious floor mosaic, but it turns out that these circles are the Covid -19 distance circles to figure out how many vistitors may be allowed in the church at the same time. We drastically reduced the number to about 30 – 33 people, to keep the visitors safe.



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